MARVO SG-265 2.0 Stereo LED Gaming Speakers


  • Δύο ηχεία 6 Watt
  • Συχνότητα 150-20000Hz
  • Τροφοδοσία μέσω USB
  • Ήχος από βύσμα 3.5mm
  • Μήκος καλωδίου 1.2m
  • Φωτισμός RGB

Σε απόθεμα

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SG-265 is an excellent option for someone looking for a multimedia system with multiple connection possibilities, being able to play audio content from AUX (3.5 mm jack) or wireless (Bluetooth). Thanks to its small size, the SG-265 BT speakers are a perfect companion for both laptops and desktop systems with limited available space dedicated to peripherals. Power is provided exclusively via USB.

The 6W real power is enough to deliver a quality stereo sound, with well-defined low and high tones. Potentiometer for volume and two capacitive zones that allow easy control of system functions and facilities: audio source selection and lighting control.

Thanks to a discreet and elegant design, with Rainbow lighting, the SG-265 system can be easily integrated in any room and next to any equipment, whether it is a modern living room or an ultra-high-performance gaming camera.

Rated power: 2 x 3W
Frequency response: 150 Hz – 20 KHz
Impedance: 4 Ω
Drive unit: 2.5 inch
Backlight: Rainbow
Wireless distance: up to 10 m
Connectors: 3.5 mm jack (audio), USB (power)
Power supply: USB
Cable length: 1.2 m

7-color lighting with rainbow effects
Touch control for backlight ON/OFF selection
Long press the touch area to control the intensity of the light
Easy accessible volume knob
High-quality speakers deliver a clean and accurate sound

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